Access to the clinic


Shinjuku Hiro Clinic, 2-18-14 Okubo, Shinjuku Ku, Tokyo 169-0072

The clinic can be reached on foot within 10 minutes from JR Okubo Station on the Sobu Line, Shinokubo Station on the JR Yamanote Line, and Higashi Shinjuku Station on the Fukutoshin or Oedo subway lines. Please refer to the map for more details.

Regarding outpatient medical care

Consulting hours

Monday to Saturday from 09:00 to 13:00 (reception closes at 12:30)
Afternoons: 15:00 to 18:00 (reception closes at 17:30)

When you arrive at the reception desk please allow us to check 1) proof of identity with photograph (residence card or passport) and 2) the type of insurance you are covered by.

To those staying in Japan for less than three months on holiday or business, and are not covered by Japanese health insurance.

When you visit the clinic please bring with you your passport and any documents showing the registration number of any travel or health insurance you are covered by.

To those who are staying in Japan for three months or over as students or for work, and are covered by Japanese health insurance.

When you visit please bring with you your passport, residence card and health insurance card.
If you have not paid your health insurance premiums this could lead to problems when paying your medical costs, so please check that your payments are up to date.

The outpatient consultation process

Initial consultation

Please be sure to bring your health insurance card to the initial consultation. (If you are not insured you will be charged the full actual cost. If you are insured but forget to bring your health insurance card you will be required for the time being to pay the full actual cost.)

You may be requested to show your personal identification at the counter.

Visiting the clinic
  • At reception: consultation on which department you wish to visit; presentation of health insurance card; filling in the consultation application form; filling in the medical questionnaire.
  • Patients will then be asked to wait in order of arrival in the waiting room.
  • In the consultation room: consultation; when necessary examinations such as blood and urine sampling or X-rays.
  • Payment: Please complete your payment at the counter when your name is called.
  • If further consultation is required an appointment for it is then made.
  • Collect your patient ID card, receipt, and prescription (when medication is prescribed).
  • At the pharmacy: bring your prescription, and the pharmacists will prepare your medication.
Further consultation

Please arrive at the clinic by the time decided upon on your previous visit (if you have an appointment), present your patient ID card at the counter and wait for your turn to be called.

Agreement to use an external interpreter

  • Patient's name and ID
  • Date of birth
  • I the understated (or the legal proxy of the patient) agree to assume all responsibility and liability for risks in the use of an external interpreter.
  • Signature
  • Name in block capitals
  • Relationship to the patient
  • Date

Interview sheet

Health checkup (for school admissions, new employment, etc.)
  • Persons who are experiencing health problems are asked to complete this questionnaire
    When did symptoms first appear?
    What symptoms do you have?
    Are you taking any medicine? Yes / No
    If you answered yes, please write the name of the medicine.
  • About your lifestyle and habits
    Do you drink alcohol? No / Sometimes / Yes (What kind of alcoholic drinks and how many milliliters a day do you drink?)
    Do you smoke? No / I quit / Yes (How many cigarettes a day/year do you smoke?)
  • Dermatology Department:Are you receiving treatment for any illness outside the dermatology department?
    Asthma, allergic rhinitis, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, liver disease
    Kidney disease, prostatic hyperplasia, glaucoma, dementia, other
    Please tell us about your medication. (Please present your medicine notebook if you have one)
  • Orthopedics Department:Up to now, have you experienced any diseases or are you currently receiving any treatment?
    High blood pressure, diabetes, stomach ulcer, liver disease, heart attack
    Angina pectoris, asthma, cerebral infarction or cerebral hemorrhage, eye disease, gynecological disease
    Dementia, other.
    Do you have a pacemaker (yes / no)
  • Have you ever undergone surgery?
    If yes, what kind of surgery?

Regarding charges

Payments are to be made in cash in Japanese currency only. (The clinic will informs you when credit card payments become possible.)

Please refer to the page on the site dedicated to medical charges.>>List of charges

Message from the Clinic Director

Hiro-o Hanabusa

Shinjuku Hiro Clinic Director
Hiro-o Hanabusa

Since the year 2001 the Shinjuku Hiro Clinic has been providing medical treatment for the Shinjuku community, as a medical institution centering on home visit medical care. During this time we have supported over 2,000 home care patients with our 24-hours-a-day, year-round medical team system.

In June 2015 we moved the clinic to its present location in Okubo and reopened it anew. We have improved treatment for outpatients (in internal medicine, orthopedics, dermatology and palliative medicine for cancer patients), and prepared an environment that can be used not only by our hitherto home care patients but to other outpatients.

Details of general consultation

Details of general consultation

Leading everyday life with an illness or disability is a tough task. Shinjuku Hiro Clinic hopes to be a good companion that supports the lives of such patients.

In order to do so, our clinic provides support through "team-based medical care" composed of doctors and specialists in many fields.

Shinjuku Hiro Clinic's team-based medical care

Medical team: internal medicine, pediatrics, palliative cancer care, orthopedics, dermatology, home care.

Nursing team, physiotherapist team, speech-language-hearing therapist, certified respiratory therapists, social workers.

Care manager, pharmacist, nutritionist, general medical consultation room, secretariat (reception/accountants etc.)